Framed CatYesterday I attended a one day course in framing. I am seriously thinking about setting up as a framer and this was a good opportunity to learn a bit about the craftsmanship involved. I have been assembling my own mounts for a while, but never did any bevelled mount cutting or frame construction. I learnt a lot from the guys at Framers Equipment and enjoyed the day. Apart from finding out about creating a mount and a frame I also picked up a lot of useful information about the tools used by framers. It’s a bit like the equipment of a photographer: there is virtually no limit to the amount of money you can spend. It was encouraging to hear that good quality basic tools are available refurbished, with a warranty and support. A mitre cutter, an underpinner and a mount cutter are three of the basic tools and if you look for good second hand bargain you should be able to find them for less that £2,000. Still, not an inconsiderable sum and I will need to do more market research and other costings before deciding whether to go ahead and take the plunge. One of the big question is where to have a shop. My hunch is that Bacup is not the right place for a framers, not yet at least. Premises in Hebden Bridge will be much more expensive, but maybe, after the flood problems, there may be bargains to be had there.

Watch this space!

PS Is anybody interested in a framed colour drawing print of a steam locomotive? This was what I worked on for the course as, unfortunately we could not choose what to frame. The frame and mount are expertly made and put together!

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