Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative

An officer in World War I uniform makes his way to the Bacup Natural History Society Museum. They opened especially for ‘Owd Bacup Week’.

Last week the Bacup Consortium organised ‘Owd Bacup Week’ as part of the Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative. The council have been successful in getting through the first round of the process to get about £2,000,000 of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to refurbish buildings in historical towns that have experienced economic decline. The scheme would also run skills training, and activities for people in the local community. During last week the Bacup Consortium surveyed more than 100 local people in order to find out what they liked and disliked about our town centre, what they would like to see changed and how, what their favourite and least favourite buildings are, etc. This information will help to decide how to spend the £2,000,000 if we can put forward a bit that is good enough. There is, of course, stiff competition for these funds, but we have got through the first round and we have a really good chance.

If you want to find out more about Bacup’s Townscape Heritage Initiative bid I suggest you have a look at this informative website: By filling out a survey on this website, or by getting involved in other ways, you can help to decide how the £2,000,000 is spent, if the bid is successful. It can make a real difference to the look of the town centre.

The Consortium also organised a quiz with prizes (vouchers to be spent with the local businesses) and these were some of the questions:

  1. How many pubs were there in Bacup in 1893? a) 17  b) 46 c) 79
  2. The Coconutters have danced in Bacup for the last a) 50 years  b) 75 years c) 150 years.
  3. How much did a cotton weaver earn for a 54 hours working week in 1879? a) £7.50  b) £2.50 c) £0.75

Answers will follow tomorrow. The prizewinners have already been drawn and informed. There were a few who answered all 10 questions correctly!

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