Billy Cobham

album cover Billy Cobham, Spectrum

Billy Cobham, Spectrum

Listened to Billy Cobham, Spectrum last night. It is still an excellent album with some Jazz-Rock classics like Spectrum and Red Baron. Took me back a few years, more than 35 (!!??) in fact, when I listened to some of these tracks as performed by Nico van Zadel’s band Skunk.

It got me thinking about some of the other great Jazz we heard live. Jean-Luc Ponty in Paradiso, Weather Report in the Jaap Edenhal, Hans Dulfer in La Notte, Loose Tubes in the BIM Huis. I tried to think where we listened to Theo Loevendie, but could not remember. I then went on-line to try and find if his live album that I remember was available on CD, but only found it on vinyl for £20 or more.



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