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Twin House
Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine

This is still one of the best acoustic guitar albums I can think of. Some fabulous playing and improvisations of the highest calibre. Philip Catherine, a Belgian guitarist,  never achieved the fame that his skilful playing deserves. Maybe he did not actively pursue fame and fortune like some others. He did play with some good people though: Dexter Gordon, Stéphane Grappelli, Chet Baker and Charles Mingus to name just a few. He also played in some excellent bands: Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet and Focus. Hard to imagine that is is 70 years old now. I am trying to think where and when I saw him play, but that’s lost in the mist of time…






Two Against Nature
Steely Dan

You cannot go wrong with a bit of Steely Dan. Their output is of a consistently high quality and theirs is one of the most distinguishable ‘sounds’ of modern pop music. I remember buying The Royal Scam just after it came out and knowing all the lyrics. I even used the title track for a presentation in my English class at secondary school, explaining that it was about the Puerto Rican immigrants into the US. They were treated badly and did not make any money, but wrote letters home saying it was all great. That LP must be one of the most worn in my collection (together with many of Zappa’s, of course.)





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