April: Ice Climbing In Bacup

Ice Climbers In Lee Quarry, Bacup

Today was very sunny and we decided on a walk in Lee Quarry. There was a fierce wind and it was bitterly cold, but very enjoyable to be out to enjoy the views. It is easy to forget how beautiful the landscape is when you see it every day. The cliffs by the upper pond have a great display of huge icicles most winters, but this years they have lasted a long time, covering the whole of the cliff face from top to bottom. Ideal conditions for a spot of ice climbing if you have the right gear and experience. These two guys from Salford clearly knew what they were doing. The guy climbing in the red jacket had been to the top a couple of times already. By now his arms were ‘burning’ and he would not have made another attempt if his mate did not have him secured. Just as well, as a couple of minutes later he lost his grip and fell!





At the same time, about 300 yards away there was a Goth band shooting a music video. Their corpse make up was not really needed, it looked very cold anyway. Cannot have been fun playing in freezing temperatures, but I suppose you have to suffer for your art.

Goth Band Shooting Music Video in Lee Quarry, Bacup

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