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Elvis Costello – Spike

Elvis Costello is one of the musicians that spoke out against Thatcher and everything she stood for. I can understand those that say it is wrong to celebrate somebody’s death, but I think Thatcher, the Prime Minister, lost every right to be respected by some of the decisions she made and the harm she did to society in general and the mining communities in particular. So: I enjoyed listening to Tramp The Dirt Down. She’ll be cremated, so Elvis Costello will not get his wish, but at least he lived to see the day. The best of yesterday’s jokes was by Ken Loach who proposed to put her funeral out to competitive tender and take the cheapest quote. “It’s what she would have wanted.”






Probably at the zenith of their powers when they created this album. Nice to listen to and appreciate some of the lesser known tracks like You Never Give Me Your Money and Sun King.








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