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Oh dear! I have been enjoying listening to music through my Cyrus Stream X since January. On Monday however another vital part in the chain developed a fault: my new (well, second hand via eBay) DAC/Pre amp stopped working. Rather helpfully it shows up as a PSU fault on the display. I am taking it to Audio-T in Manchester on Friday to get it repaired, maybe for a bit less than the £225 quoted by Cyrus themselves. All this means that for a few weeks I will hook up my old Pre aCA7.5, which fortunately I had not sold yet, although I may have found a buyer. So for a few weeks I will be listening to CDs and Vinyl only!


Ambrose Akinmusire – Prelude To Cora

Ambrose Akinmusire is a trumpet player from California. I was going to write young, but I am not sure people would classify 32 as ‘young’ any more. I do, now. He won the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition in 2007 and just after winning that prize he recorded Prelude To Cora, his debut as band leader  You might expect him to be a bit selfish here and show off his undoubted virtuosity on the trumpet, but you would be surprised. Not that he is not a great player, with some excellent solos, but the music on this CD shows restraint, is well composed and leaves room for the other members of the band to shine as well.






The Gentle War

Trichotomy – The Gentle War

“Trichotomy’s compelling, hugely dynamic trio music draws on the avant-rock of Radiohead, ECM minimalism and their love of improvisation, in an entrancing Australian echo of the European jazz innovations of the likes of EST or Tord Gustavsen. Modern, imaginative & thoroughly compelling, this is a group in total control of their sound world.”  That’s what it says on their website and who am I to argue with that. In fact, the quote gives you a good idea what their music sounds like. I recently bought two of their CDs and I am enjoying listening to them.







Just in case you did not know: since having acquired a Cyrus Stream X I am offering all my CDs for sale in Ruud’s Eye Amazone store. If you order direct from me (by email) I will give you a 15% discount on my Amazon store price.

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