Arrived In Kinlochbervie

Not Passing Place

After a three day journey we arrived in Kinlochbervie this afternoon. Thursday ended at The George in Inveraray, after the acquisition of a couple of nice bottles in the Loch Fyne Whiskey Shop, in an upgraded bedroom thanks to the person who created a racket by putting a load of washing into the machine that seemed to be located in the ceiling of our original room.

Friday was rather more eventful than we would have liked, strange though that may sound. We heard on the weatherforecast that there was some chance of snow on higher ground, but on the map it seeemd that our route to Applecross would not be affected. When we arrived at the start of the Bealagh Na Ba pass it was raining, but the weather did not seem dangerous at all. A few hundred yards before the hairpins the rain turned into snow and quite soon it appeared that the snow was settling. Soon there were a couple of inches on the ground and knowing that my car, with rear wheel drive and wid tyres, is not good in the snow I decided to turn around.

While doing that, with Di out of the car making sure I would not go over the edge, a man in a high viz jacket came walking down the snow covered road towards us. At first I thought “that’s efficient, the police is coming to tell us not to further.” Then I saw a motorbike a few hundred yards further on lying in the middle of the road. The man turned out to Ken who had fallen with his scooter and after being trapped underneathe for 15 minutes came to ask us for help. I went back to the scooter with him, leaving Di with the car getting more and more panicked as the snow was coming down harder and harder. Ken and I managed to pick up the scooter and ‘parked’ it in a passing place. I said to him that we would take him, and some of his luggage, with us to Applecross the long way round. He was totally drenched, very shaken, but relieved that we were there to help.

Our next problems was how to make sure that our friends who were some way behind would not attempt to get over the pass. So we decided to wait for them at the turn off and warned everybody not to proceed. After 10 minutes they turned up and we proceeded to Applecross. When we got there we parked Ken in front of the fire as he was still shaking, due to shock probably. Everybody was helpful and his scooter would be recovered the next day. We had a wonderful seafood meal, well Di and I did as Jack is veggie and Jon suddenly fell ill just before tucking into the oysters, crab, big prawns, squattie lobsters, etc.

The last bit of the journey to the fantastic house in Kinlochbervie was easy. We had to wait a couple of minutes for some highland cattle to get off the road, but that was all. Having enjoyed a wee dram of Bruichladdich Cuvee 407 and a couple of glasses of 2003 Gigondas with dinner while enjoying the magnificent view, we are relaxed and ready for more excitement tomorrow.

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