Majestic Skies & Mountains

Stoer Head Lighthouse

We were lucky again, with some magnificent weather today, much better than forecast. As rain was forecast we decided on a drive to Lochinver via a nice looking road to Drumbeg and the Stoer Head lighthouse. The walk to The Old Man was a bit too long and close to the cliff edge for Di, so I went up the path a short way to get this view. Harris and Lewis are faintly visible on the horizon. No whales or dolphins were spotted this morning, just a few seals.






Somewhere south of Lochinver amid a myriad of little streams, lochs and impressive mountains is this little waterfall.








Sky Above Assynt

There were some impressive skyscapes today. I think the middle one of the mountains on the horizon is Assynt, but I don’t know the names of the other peaks. If you do, please let me know.







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