Remains Of A Shipwreck

After a calm crossing we arrived on Mainland, Orkney yesterday. Very different from the mountainous splendour of west coast Sutherland, but also very beautiful, with big skies and wonderful light. Today we explored a bit of the north west coast and visited Skara Brae.

There are many ships wrecked, sunk or scuttled around the coast of Mainland, Orkney. This is part of the boiler of one of them, in a bay south of Kitchener’s memorial (visible in the background.) It could even be part of the ship on which he was killed when it hit a mine just off the coast here.








Looking Back

This Grey Seal was having a snooze on the rocks before it spotted my inept attempt at sneaking up on it.








Stone Age Home

Skara Brae is a must visit destination for anybody vaguely interested in pre-history.

In 1850 severe storm exposed the entrance to a neolithic home located in the dunes of the west coast of Mainland, Orkney. Subsequent excavations unearthed a small village where between 50 to 100 people lived in about 3100 BC. We learned that these people led much less primitive lives than we assumed. They had beds, storage areas, they used decorated pottery and created jrwellery and beautiful stone artifacts.

This is a replica of one of the houses of Skara Brae.

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