Highland Park & Yesnaby

Peat Fire

Yesterday Fred and I paid a visit to the Highland Park distillery yesterday. The tour was interesting because it included the maltings that are still used on the premises. The peat and coal fires provided some welcome warmth on a cold day (no snow like in some parts of England though!) The malt is dried in two stages: first a few hours above this peat fire, which infuses the malt with a lovely peaty smokiness, and then above a hotter coal fire. The peat comes from fields in Orkney, owned by the distillery. They estimate that they will have enough peat for another 250 years of distilling.





Cliffs At Yesnaby

Today we went to the west coast at Yesnaby. The wind was not particularly fierce, so when it really storms it will be spectacular here.







Castle At Yesnaby

The coast at Yesnaby is constantly battered by the waves. The gateway through the cliffs, called ‘The Castle’, looks like an Egyptian, female head from this angle. Like a portrait of Nefertiti.

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