Rocks On The Beach

Composition With Three Rocks

I am going through the photos I made in Scotland over the previous two weeks and finding merit in some of the less spectacular more contemplative images. These two are good examples of my ‘style’: strong compositions, uncluttered and simple. I like to give the viewer space to create their own interpretation, find things in the image and make up their own stories. These images were made on the beach at Durness in the very northwest corner of Scotland, near Cape Wrath.


It is full of Viking history there. I learned that the name Cape Wrath has nothing to do with angry seas, but that ‘wrath’ is an Old Norse word for ‘turning point.’ I imagined that this rock was there in the time of the Vikings, when they would haul their boats into the Smoo Caves, just a mile further east from this beach. It was keeping a lookout, warning the locals when the Vikings would come to rape and pillage.

Limited edition copies of these images, and many others, will be available as 30 x 20cm mounted prints at the reduced price of £29 on the Castlefield Artisan Market on Sunday 26 May.


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