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A Walk Around Loweswater

Had an excellent day out in the Lake District today. It started with lunch at the Kirkstile Inn. We had been to this pub a couple of times before, but have always had trouble remembering what it was called, where it was and how to get there. Thanks to the wonders of Internet and SatNav we got there without any problem this time. It is worth remembering the name and location as it serves great food and excellent beers that can be enjoyed inside or in the garden. I can recommend a pint of Loweswater Gold.

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Bluebells And Wood Anemone

Bluebells And Wood Anemone


After lunch we started the walk around Loweswater, nothing too steep or strenuous, just 4 miles or so. It was very hazy and warm when the sun broke through. The part of the walk through the wood on the west side of the lake was the best. As spring was late this year the carpet of Bluebells and Wood Anemone was still showing off its vibrant colours. The advantage of doing this on a week day is that it was very quiet, we did not meet many other walkers. The way back was partly along a road and while walking along I heard some very loud and plaintive bleating from a lamb on the other side of a thick hedge. When I investigated I could not see it clearly, but it seemed to be stuck. I walked to the gate that gave entrance to the field and located the little lamb, which had indeed got itself very stuck. It had stuck its head through a wire fence and could not extract itself as its horns acted like barbs on a fishing hook. When I tried to pull it back the stupid animal insisted on moving forward, but after a brief struggle I was able to set it free. It ran off into the field, bleating loudly until it had found its mother and was suckling.



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