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Mozart's Requiem - London Symphony Orchestra

Mozart’s Requiem – London Symphony Orchestra

I am not impressed by Daniel Barenboim’s version of Mozart’s Requiem that I have on CD, so I was browsing the internet, looking for another version. Suddenly, a small thumbnail caught my eye: they had used one of my photographs! One click further and I quickly realised that although it looked like mine, was certainly of the same subject and was also in sepia monochrome, it certainly was not mine. Mine was in fact much better 😉





That’s one of the problems with copyright of images: if someone appears to have placed his tripod legs in exactly the same spot, takes a picture that is to all intents and purposes the same as your original is that stealing or just a coincidence, great minds thinking alike and all that?

The Facade Of The Doge's Palace, Venice

The Facade Of The Doge’s Palace, Venice


This is one of the rare instances where I applied a little bit of digital manipulation to improve the image. When I talk about ‘digital manipulation’ I do not mean things like sharpening, setting the colour balance, making it monochrome, enhancing the contrast, etc. I mean I actually changed the pixels, added something to the picture to improve it. See if you can spot what it is and tomorrow I’ll tell you.

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