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I was made aware of the Society Of Sound  recently. For an annual subscription fee of £33.95 you can download their complete catalog of CDs. There are about 30 albums in the catalog at any one tim. Two new albums are added every month and two albums are deleted. The catalog is ‘curated by Peter Gabriel and the London Symphony Orchestra. There is a mix of classical by the LSO and modern pop/rock/folk/world/jazz. The bands and singers are mostly not quite mainstream (yet), but that enabled me to discover some great musicians that were not known to me before (see below.)

The sound quality is absolutely outstanding. The recordings made with great attention to detail and quality, using state of the art recording equipment and techniques. The files that you can download are available in lossless 24 bit flac format (or Apple lossless if you are so inclined.) Listening to these files could convert you to invest in a HiFi streaming solution. On other sites where you can download albums in these hi-res format you have to pay between £12 and £25 for each one. I am not in any way affiliated with this outfit, but I thought it was such a good deal that I should tell you about it. You can try it out for free by downloading tracks from the albums in the catalog and upgrade to full membership if you like what you hear. Have a listen to the Society Of Sound.


Jesca Hoop - The House That Jack Built

Jesca Hoop – The House That Jack Built

One of the albums I downloaded is The House That Jack Built by Jesca Hoop. I know there is a surfeit of female vocalists and some sound dreadful and others are poor imitations of Amy Winehouse, or Katie Melua, or Adele. This woman has got something besides an unusual name, which always helps. The lyrics are worth listening to as well. She’s from California, but lives in Manchester.








Here is one of the tracks (in medium quality mp3 format, to keep the size down):



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