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New Printer

In December my Canon iPF5000 inkjet printer developed a fault with one of the printheads after about 7 years of good service. The two printheads in these printers contain about 30,000 inkjet nozzles each and their way of dealing with ink ‘clogging’, if the cleaning process cannot fix it, is to shut the nozzle down and not use it again. After this happens an x-number of times the printhead needs to be replaced.

The print heads are classed as ‘consumables’ as consumables, so when one of them developed a fault (presumably reaching the aforementioned threshold) I decided to look for a new printer, instead of spending £330 on a new printhead and wait for the other one to go faulty.

The quality of the prints produced by the iPF5000 is superb, so I was pleased to find a good deal on the upgrade to this model the iPF5100. It has a built in paper calibration system and comes with the roll feeder as standard. Some people might feel that £1,020 for an A2 printer is a lot of money, but when you consider that the only alternative (Epson Stylus Pro 4900) is about £2,000, the choice was easy.

This morning I made the first large print of this image from my trip to Sutherland last year. I used Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper and it looks fantastic. I printed it as a duotone image, with a tough of sepia in the highlights and a tiny bit of blue in the darker tints. The blacks are really good on this heavy paper (310 grams per square meter)! A limited edition 30 x 45cm print (one of only 10 that will ever be printed) is available for £59. 

Loch Assynt Reflection 2

Loch Assynt Reflection 2


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