I have not posted for a while, but that will all change.

This afternoon we arrived at Alavik Lodge, in Tokavaig, a small hamlet on the Sleat peninsular of Skye, which will be our home for the next six weeks. The owners of the property were waiting for us and made us feel very welcome with a bottle of bubbly and a packet of Scottish shortbread. They are a lovely couple: a Dutch guy married to an English woman. Had an interesting chat with Hans about the coming vote for Scottish independence. He genuinely feels that the YES vote has a very good chance of winning the day. Even though the current polls indicate the NO vote is ahead, Hans feels the momentum is swinging the other way. The vote is becoming the topic of discussion in the pub more and more, with emotions running high. We will be in Scotland when the die is cast, on the 18th of September. That will be a momentous day! We will be on Orkney, a part of Scotland that is, ironically, considering it’s own identity and there are people there who would prefer to separate from Scotland!

Sitting on the deck watching the sun go down and the Cuillin ridge disappear into darkness made me realize once again how fortunate we are.

Over the next six weeks you can look forward to some good photography from some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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