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Mostly Zappa, so far. Started with Chunga’s Revenge, some good live stuff from 1970 there. I particularly like the title track, with some good solos and Sharleena, which would have been a hit if Zappa had got some more airplay instead of being controversial in satirising the establishment.







Then I moved on to what I think is the best Zappa release since his death. He died of prostate cancer on the 3rd of December 1993, which happened to be my wedding day. Fortunately I only heard about his untimely death after the honeymoon, so it did not put a dampener of things. Everything Is Healing Nicely was released in 1999 and is an example of Zappa’s modern classical oeuvre, performed by the Ensemble Modern. It contains material left over from the Yellow Shark sessions in 1991. Like Yellow Shark it also has a track on which a German narrator reads a public document. On Yellow Shark it was the entry card that all visitors to the USA have to fill in, which asks if you are a Nazi or a terrorist! On this album it is a public library card, that states the users responsibilities in the language of officialdom. He also reads excerpts from the letters to the editor of PFIQ (Piercing Fans International Quarterly,) one of which contains the immortal line “Piercing the head of the cock must be painful.”

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