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Loose Tubes

was a British modern jazz big band in the eighties. At that time I worked for the British Council in Amsterdam and the Director, who was also interested in Jazz, decided we should sponsor a performance by this band in the Bim Huis in Amsterdam. There was a bit of last minute panic when the band was very late. It turned out that earlier in the day one of the musicians found out he had forgotten his passport when the band bus got to Dover. After a slightly delayed start and a shortened sound check it was a great evening with excellent music. I remember noticing some parallels with Frank Zappa and when I mentioned this to Django Bates (the keyboard player of the the band) later in the dressing room he told me that was not so surprising as he, and a few other members of the band, were also big Zappa fans. I continued to follow two of the band members in their later music careers: Django Bates and the trombonist Ashley Slater who became a founder member of Freakpower.

Loose Tubes - Open Letter

Loose Tubes – Open Letter

I like this CD and it’s jazzy big band interpretations of various styles of music: Irish Folk, South American, Modern Classical, Big Band.


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