I have self published a number of books with Blurb. I have found that they produce good quality books for a reasonable price and their customer service is excellent. I have bought many books produced by them and on the one occasion when something was not quite right they printed me a new copy immediately without any arguing. It was an excellent example of how a retailer can turn a problem into a success story! Of course the quality is not comparable to the prints I produce myself, but if you prefer to have a large number of my images together in book form this is a good option.

Street Stripes

A street with road markings.

Street Stripes

This is a collection of images taken on two days, one in Bacup, Lancashire and one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They show the beautiful colours and patterns than can be found on the streets and pavements.






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Self portrait


A good portrait shows us a more of a person than just the photons reflecting off their face. By capturing that one fleeting moment the photographer can show us more of who the subject is, of how they feel, of their state of mind, of their character.

Some of us seem reluctant to share this with everybody. I have always been intrigued by this unwillingness, which can be a deliberate choice or a something that the subject is unaware of themselves. This unwillingness to share who they are manifests itself in different ways. People hide from the camera, but sometimes they cannot get away. People make faces. One way to hide is covering part of your face. However, who you are at that moment, or how you feel still shines through. There is some truth in the cliche that the eyes are the windows into the soul, but they are not the only expressive part of the face. These portraits show that no amount of hiding can prevent you from expressing some part of your personality.

The people in these photographs were all aware they were being photographed and were, to some degree, willing participants. I asked them to make sure their hand, or hands were in the shot. I never asked them to pose in a certain way, or to express any particular emotion.

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