Categorising my images is often difficult, but I think that most visitors to this website would prefer to have some kind of structure instead of browsing through seemingly unconnected images. The first subdivision I made was between full colour images and Black & White or toned images. I am not restricting myself to work only in one particular format, but I do think Black & White images are so different in style and mood that they are better grouped together separate from colour images. The next subdivision is more difficult and subjective, many images fit in more than one category. I have tagged my images comprehensively, so if you are looking for a particular subject, place, or colour you can use the search facility on the right.

I would appreciate feedback on the categorisation so that I can improve your browsing experience.



Tree Shadow #1

Tree Shadow #1







Birch Wood



A Riot Of Colour



Tree in mist






Coloured lines and squares on the street. A fag in the gutter, discarded by someone trying to give up smoking.