Apart from selling you one of my Fine Art prints there are many other ways in which I can be of help to you. There are many ways to buy, or give away, one of my images and some of those don’t cost you anything! I have listed some of those bespoke services below, but if you have another idea that you want to explore I would love to hear from you.

Portrait Session

A portrait session with me is easy and fun. I will give you advice, but you are in control. You decide what you want the resulting prints will look like and you decide how much you want to spend. The cost for a standard 2½ hour session, including one 20 x 30cm print, is £89. Extra prints are available with a 20% discount on the normal price. I can arrange a lot of extra services and will provide the cost of these up front. For instance, I can offer you a choice of make-up artist with different experience and cost levels, starting at £50. Costume hire is another option. Travel to any location of your choice is possible. For an initial, free, discussion about what you want please get in touch via email to arrange a mutually convenient time:

Printing Your Pictures

I would love you to buy one of my pictures, but you may have one of your own that you want to hang on your wall. That one view on that great holiday, or that one picture of someone dear to you, that one moment that reminds you of a happy time. These pictures deserve to be printed on high quality art paper that is suited to your image, with a professional printer, using inks that will not fade. Let’s face it, that is not what you will get from Tesco or Photobox. They may be cheap, but to save money you will need to sacrifice quality and your most treasured pictures deserve better. I offer a bespoke service that will produce prints from your images that you will be proud to have on your wall. If your file can be printed as is, or with only minor adjustments, the prices are as follows:

  • 20 x 30cm   –   £12.50
  • 30 x 45cm   –   £17.50
  • 40 x 60cm   –   £24.00

If you want your photo printed on canvas please add £5 to the prices above. If the file needs a lot of work, like retouching, cleaning up sensor dust, sharpening, cloning out unwanted details, etc., I can give you a quote.

Bespoke Gift

Giving is more rewarding and enjoyable when you know that your gift is going to be unique and personalised. Giving somebody a limited edition Fine Art print that was made especially for them shows that you have made a real effort to make it special. The Bespoke Gift service includes:

  • A first consultation to discuss the subject of the image. We can talk  about the recipient’s interests, hobbies, favourite places, job, and anything else that helps us create the best present ever. We will also discuss the style, size, print medium, mounting & framing.
  • After the first consultation I will go through my library of 10,000+ images and, using the information gathered, I will select some images that I think are suitable. You can then decide whether you like one (or more) of these images, or whether you would like me to shoot some images especially in locations suggested by you.
  • After you have made a decision about the image(s) to use I will advise you regarding medium (paper or canvas) and framing.

Mountain Bike Shoot

Rossendale is deservedly gaining a reputation as one of the best mountain biking areas in the UK. Last year Lee Quarry in Bacup was chosen in the Guardian as one of the 10 best locations for mountain biking in the country. I would not presume to call myself a mountain biker, but I have cycled all the tracks in Lee Quarry and I don’t think it is a surprise that it is fast becoming a favourite among the mountain bike fraternity. Racing events are organised regularly here. I have done a few photo shoots of events and friends there and know the area well. You can have a look at some shots from those sessions here: Mountain Biking in Lee Quarry.

If you would like one of those kind of photographs on your wall why not arrange a shoot with me. A photo shoot would also make a great original gift for your son, daughter, friend or partner who is into mountain biking. I can do a 2½ hour  shoot at Lee Quarry, including one 20 x 30cm print, for £89. Extra prints are available with a 20% discount on the normal price.

Buying Advice



If you like my work in general, but have not seen that one image that fits on your wall, you are very welcome to come my house and see more of my work. Some of it framed and on my walls. Also, if you want to see and hold the actual print before parting with you money you can come and see me. Just get in touch via email to arrange a mutually convenient time:


Money is just one way to enable the exchange of goods and services. You may have something else to offer me in return for one of my prints, or one of my bespoke services. If you are a skilled tradesperson, an artist, a writer and like my work you can make me a proposal to exchange one of your products, or works of art, or some of your time for one of my images. Joiners, gardeners, musicians, lawyers, philosophers, visual artists, vets, comedians, map makers and all other people with products or skills that I didn’t even know I needed are all very welcome to get in touch and propose an exchange.