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Signing My Prints

A while ago I decided that I was going to sell my work in limited signed editions. I think it is more attractive for a potential buyer to know that the image they buy has some exclusivity to it. Who knows, the scarcity of the image in that format, may even mean that its value will go up in future! I attended a lecture on collecting photography by Laura Noble a few weeks ago and got several pieces of useful advice to help keep collectors interested and ensure that the value of the photograph is maintained or increased. One bit of advice was about the number of prints in a limited edition. ‘The smaller the better’ was what Laura said and she also advised to offer an image only in two or maximum three different sizes. So my work is now available only in limited, signed editions, in three different sizes, with a maximum of 10 prints per size.



The photographer’s signature on the image adds a personal touch and further increases the exclusivity. You can be sure that the print you are buying is not a mass produced item using cheap materials. My signature on one of my images indicates that I consider it to be a good piece of work and that I am proud of having created it. I will sign prints at the bottom, on the margin of the print, so not on the image itself. On the left hand side I will print the title of the image and  the print number and edition size, for example ‘Look Up’ 4/10. On the right hand side I will sign my initials in pencil.



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